Courses at Diploma and Advanced Diploma level generally take two to three years to complete. They will prepare you for careers that require a broad range of complex technical skills and in-depth knowledge. You study a Diploma so you can guide tourists for instance. These qualifications are generally considered ‘equivalent’ to one or two years of degree study.

Popular Diploma Program in Australia:

Diploma of Laws     

Graduate Diploma of Land Surveying    

Diploma of Exercise and Sport Science

Diploma in Endogenous Policy Development        

Graduate Diploma in Professional Psychology      

Diploma of Science

Diploma of Emergency and Disaster Management

Diploma of Counselling 

Diploma of Psychology

Diploma of Clinical Pharmacy         

Diploma in Engineering

Diploma in Arts

Diploma in Biostatistics 

Diploma in Marine and Antarctic Science     

Graduate Diploma in Aviation Medicine

Diploma in the Digital Enterprise  

Diploma in Australian Law     

Diploma in Business (Commerce)

Diploma of Legal Practice       

Diploma of Business Administration      

Diploma in Pharmaceutical Science

Diploma in Journalism

Diploma of Network Engineering   Graduate

Diploma of Mental Health

Diploma in Health Research  

Diploma in Data Science Graduate

Diploma in Environmental Planning