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Welcome to our Business Migration to Australia section. Here, we will describe you some points related to visa and immigration Australia for business purpose. We will also tell you about our activities in a summery.


The team of ours has professional migration agents. They can help you when the matter business migration or working holiday visa Australia comes. According to our experts, the business migration definition is a process that allows you to get engaged in investment or business activities. Our firm’s permanent residency Australia have deep knowledge about business migration acts, visa acts, migration rules and regulation, and other familiar issues. The team will definitely give you a proper guideline and produce you the perfect immigration strategy. A strong immigration strategy can ensure your place in abroad as a businessman or an entrepreneur.

Business Migration to Australia

When you are willing to transfer your business or office in Australia or starting a new Australian business register, it becomes quite mandatory to get accurate and positive advice that can ease your way to achieve your goal.  Moving to Australia and settling there precisely is not an easy task. You have to have a strong business strategy and proper knowledge about the acts to run a business successfully in Australia.

Australia is keen to give opportunities to people who can make identity as successful businessmen or entrepreneurs. This boosts the country’s economic growth. There are few work visas available. You can obtain any of those yourself or your workers. These visas are:

Residence Visa Categories:

Business Talent (Subclass-132)

It is a permanent visa. Here is some useful information about Subclass 132.

This visa is available in these two types of streams:

  • “Venture capital entrepreneur” stream.
  • “History of significant business” stream.


The visa is permanent. The Business talent visa can grant permanent residency Australia status for you.


To obtain this visa, an applicant must fill these common requirements:

  • Applicant’s age must be under 55.
  • An applicant can only obtain the visa when an Australian state nominates to migrate.
  • Applicants who were chosen to apply via the skilled migration Australia
  • Applicants must have a high profile business in their local region.

Now, the following criteria are for Significant Business History stream:

  • The applicant’s age must be over 18 and less than 55 years.
  • AUD 1.5 million should be the minimum asset of any applicant.
  • The least turnover must be AUD three million for two of the last four fiscal years.


The Venture Capital Entrepreneur stream has some other criteria. The main requirement is to have a venture capital funding agreement of a minimum AUD one million through a company of Australia by the applicant. The company which the application relates also should be a member of AVCAL (Australian Venture Capital Association Limited).

Business Innovation and Investment (Subclass-188)

It is actually a temporary visa. It is for those who wish to establish their tourist visa Australia. The validity of this visa is for four years.

There are five streams of this type of visa. Each has some exceptional criteria and conditions. Here are the details. You can pick your own by knowing them.

Business and Innovation Stream (188A)

This four years temporary visa is for those who want to set up an ownership interest any of Australian businesses. A visa holder can also extend the visa for two years when the holder has spent three years of holding Subclass 188 visa. A person can apply for australian visa even when he is not in Australia.


The mentioned temporary visa has these criteria:

  • The applicant must own a successful business.
  • The applicant must own a business with minimum AUD 500000 turnover.
  • The applicant’s net assets should not be less than AUD 800000.
  • The applicant should be an adult and age should be less than 55 years.
  • Obtain at least 65 marks in Business Innovation and Investment Points (BIIP) Test.
  • Should complete the EOI.

Investor Stream (188B)

You can maintain one or many investments in Australia for four years when you hold this visa.


The criteria of the 188B are:

  • The applicant must have a history of managing an investment or business
  • The applicant has to invest AUD one and a half million in Australian State willingly. After that, the government will grant the application
  • Like other visas, an applicant’s age must be under 55.
  • The minimum net assets for an applicant in the last two fiscal years should be AUD 2.25 million.
  • Must obtain 65 in BIIP test or else, the application will not be granted.
  • Three years of experience required in managing eligible business or investments such as 1) Real estate, 2) Bonds and Stocks, 3) Cash on deposit and many more.
  • The applicant must have a history of showing excellent management skill.
  • Completing the EOI is another must for the applicant.

Significant Investor (188C)

This is another stream of the Business Innovation and Investment stream. It has a duration of 4 years. A holder of this visa can maintain an investment plan.


The primary duration of this visa is four years. But you can extend it for two years too. The most beneficial part is you can extend the duration two times.


There are some different requirements to obtain this visa. We are showing you only those.

  • The visa has no age limit. So, anybody can apply for this visa.
  • The applicant has to invest AUD 5 million in three chosen sectors. The investment in these sectors is called “Complying investment”.

Premium Investor (188D)

It is one of the streams of Subclass 188 visa which allows the holder to manage an investment in Australia for four years.


The criteria for the 188D visa are:

  • There is no age limit. Any adult applicant can get this visa.
  • Applicants with experience of managing successful investments will be selected.
  • To obtain the visa, an applicant has to invest AUD 15 million in the “Premium Investment”.
  • An applicant must be nominated by the Austrade.

Entrepreneur (188E)

This is another stream of Subclass 188 that allows a holder to run an enterprise or work in Australia.


  • The applicant, first of all, should be nominated by the Australian State.
  • There is an age restriction. People below 55 will be able to obtain the visa.
  • An applicant must have a funding agreement for minimum AUD 200000 so that venture could be established.

Permanent Business Innovation and investment (Subclass-888)

This Subclass 888 is the permanent form of the Subclass 188. You can apply for the visa even when you are not in Australia. It is seen that most of the 188 visa holders apply for this visa. Most of times applicants who hold Subclass 188 visa, get the priority. This Subclass 888 has two streams and they are:

  • “Investor” stream.
  • “Business Innovation” stream.


The Subclass 888 is a permanent visa.


There are some criteria of Permanent Subclass 888. They are:

  • An applicant must have the nomination of the Australian State.
  • A Subclass 188 holder will get the priority to obtain Permanent Subclass 188.
  • The Applicant who has a strong agreement with the Commonwealth of Australia and State acts will get the opportunity Australian citizenship to obtain the visa.

For the Investor stream, there are some different criteria. Those are:

  • A candidate who has managed AUD 1.5 million investments in Australian State for four consecutive years can obtain the visa.
  • The candidate who stayed in Australia for two years of last four years will be eligible for the visa.

When the matter is the Business Innovation stream, the criteria are:

  • The applicant’s business must have had AUD 300000 turnover for the last one year.
  • The applicant must have stayed in Australia for one year of the last two years.
  • The applicant’s business should have an ABN.
  • Only those applicants will be selected who have filed BAS for the last two years before applying.

Business Visitor

This visa holder can visitor visa australia for a short period of time for the business purpose. The holder can study in australia to investigate the local market. He can join seminar or trade fairs to gain knowledge. He also has the permission to run an inquiry on the business sectors.


The Business tourist visa australia allows the holder to stay in Australia for only three months. An applicant can obtain the visa for a short business trip.


The criteria to get the visa are:

  • Only applicants who have business purposes will get the visa.
  • The candidate has to make sure that he will return to his native place after the visa expires.
  • A candidate should be able to bear his own costs in Australia.

Our business migration center is determined to make the paths of clients facile. Not like other business immigration australia farms, we promise our clients to cooperate with them until they have established their business abroad. Our experts are always there for you. for any further details, you can contact us anytime.



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