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Global Education and Migration Solutions are one of the leading agencies that have earned a lot of name and fame amongst the clients. Our expert agents know very well what a client will need and in which way he should advance. We always try to find the best option regarding immigration in Australia.

We maintain strong communication with Australian companies and institutions so that we can ensure each client can complete his study in Australia with ease. As our experts are quite familiar with Australian immigration policy, we can surely give a student a proper guideline about student visa conditions. After judging their qualifications, we suggest them student visa courses if they need to meet the requirements for achieving a specific student visa for Australia. Ensuring international students residence is also one of our agency’s duties.

Our student visa agents manage every single matter of a client with care. Admission, Character certificate, English skill, Visa renewal, and many other terms are handled with care by our expert agents. All of our members are promised to make sure that our clients do get the opportunity to get higher education properly in Australia.

For further details, you can contact us anytime. Our expert team members and agents are always there for you to let you know what will be the best for yourself.


Welcome to our International student’s section. Here, we will be discussing Australian visa and related acts for international students, some primary criteria for attaining visas and international students challenges. We also will describe our agency and its performance in brief.

Many students wish to migrate to Australia for qualified education. Even the government of Australia wants intellectual students from outside to come and study in Australian educational institutions. That is why every year Australia gives opportunities like student visas and international student scholarships to many students across the globe to accomplish higher education.

Recent Australian immigration statistics show that Australia is a land of opportunities for students more than the United States and Europe. When e person enters Australia by holding a student visa, he will have little more priority than others for the Australian citizenship. The global higher education statistics also mentions that a student can easily do some part-time activities to bear his education fees and other costs quite easily in Australia.

To get the visa properly, it is quite important to know about the basic details of a visa and its terms and conditions. So, without any further delay, let’s look at some terms and conditions of two available student visas.


The holder of this visa gets an opportunity to stay in Australia after completing studies. International students who have recently completed at least two years of study from any certified Australian educational institute can gain the visa.

The subclass 485 allows the holder to stay in Australia and work there even after the graduation. The opportunity will help the holder to stay and work in Australia so that the criteria for gaining permanent visa can be fulfilled.


There are two streams of this subclass 485. We will be now discussing Australian visa requirements and other criteria.

The Graduate Work Stream

The main purpose behind gaining this stream is to stay more than a year even after graduation. Staying after graduation in Australia can help students came from abroad to become permanent in Australia.

The Graduate Workstream has 18 months validity. The stream can be achieved by only those who studied at least two years in an Australian institution.

Post Study Work Stream

The stream makes opportunities for those students who wish to study further in Australia even after completing their school or college level studies. The main purpose why students apply for this stream is the higher education. Students will get more than a couple of years depending on the course type to stay and study in Australia.

Students who already have completed at least two years of study can gain the stream. The minimum validity of this stream of 485 is two years and the maximum is four years.

Basic Criteria

We will be now showing some basic and common criteria of both streams of subclass 485. Here are the detailed criteria:

  • Applicants not older than 50 years will be qualified for following processes.
  • Applicants who hold an Australian visa can be selected for the subclass 485.
  • Students who have completed at least two years of course or study will be nominated.
  • Applicants must complete at least a Bachelors degree in Australia in last six months.
  • Any student can apply for this visa even from outside Australia.
  • Students who carry at least 5 in IELTS or standard grade in any English skill test like other visa requirements will be able to get the visa.
  • An applicant must submit health and character certificate with the main application for any of the two streams.
  • Applicants have to make a health insurance plan for gaining the subclass 485.

Work Permit

The subclass 485 will give the holder a chance to continue both study and work at the same time. There is no obligation for 485 holders about working. So, a subclass 485 visa holder can work to earn and study in Australia.

STUDENT VISA (subclass 500)

Subclass 500 is one of the demandable visas. Every year, many students apply for this visa for quality education and bright future. Here are some important facts and terms regarding the visa.

The student visa subclass 500 allows a holder to stay in Australia legally to complete studies. A subclass 500 visa holder can bring an eligible family member with him in Australia. Another primary facility a holder will get while he obtains the visa is the holder will be able to participate in any part-time works for earning purpose. Any candidates either from Australia or outside Australia can grab the opportunity of getting the visa.

The subclass 500 is not familiar to the subclass 485 and its streams. The person who obtains this student visa will get an opportunity to graduate from a registered or certified Australian educational institution.  

Student Visa Length

The duration of subclass 500 depends on one fact. It is the duration or length of courses you are going to attend officially in Australia. The government of Australia allows you to stay as a student of Australia until you have completed your graduation.

In general, most of the subclass 500 holders get more than five years to stay in Australia and complete studies. The common duration can decrease or increase because of the courses a candidate will pick to study in Australia.


There are few criteria that must be reached to obtain subclass 500 visa for study purpose. Now, we will be discussing those. The criteria are:

  • The applicant should be at least six years of age. Below that age will not get the opportunity to apply.
  • The candidate has to get admission in any CRICOS registered courses or certified local institutions to get selected.
  • A candidate must show that he is a genuine student and desires to stay in Australia for study purpose.
  • Along with the papers that prove the candidate truly a student, the candidate also has to pledge that he will immediately leave Australia after completing graduation.
  • Only applications with proper evidence of applicants’ English language skills will be accepted. Few applicants might not need to show evidence of English language skills. Majorly, students studied in Australia or English Medium institutions don’t need to show their skills’ evidence.
  • Applicants who passed a health examination and proven both mentally and physically hale will be qualified for further processes.
  • An applicant has to have a licit health insurance plan for qualification.
  • According to the Acts of Australia, a candidate might have to show the papers that say the candidate has enough fund to study in Australia. When the government will ask for evidence, the candidate can show any of these papers: 1) Papers that can show income of the guardian for the last twelve years, 2) Papers that clearly say the availability of funds which is equal to the total cost of the candidate to stay and study for the first twelve months.

English Language Skill

We are showing “English language skill” separately because this term will determine quality or eligibility of a student. Having fluency in English is a key fact that can help an applicant to attain the visa.

To acquire subclass 500, a student needs to carry a minimum range of mark or grade in specific examinations or courses. The details are below:

  • IELTS: Have to carry an average of 5.5 (minimum).
  • TOEFL, Paper: The minimum score for selection is 527.
  • TOEFL, iBT: 46 or above will be picked.

Work Permit

If a student has obtained subclass 500 and enrolled himself in an institution, he will have a chance of employment. A subclass 500 holder can definitely do a job for earning purpose. The Australian government is giving this facility to help students for running their studies in Australia.


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